Day 2 – J24 Canadians

The forecast called for very light air and the fleet wasn’t too optimistic, however, the wind filled in and by 11:00 we had 9 knots of breeze coming from the east. Race committee started the race right on time to make the best of the wind while it lasted. On the next 2 races, a persistent veer in the wind caused the race committee to put up  ‘charlie’ + green flags at the top end to indicate the leeward gates where shifted course-side-left. By the third race the wind had dropped substantially, but the waves & slop did not. Race committee shortened the course and brought the windward mark to 0.9 nm.  It was a hard slog up and down the course, and by the time the last boat had finished the fleet was exhausted.

By 4:30 Saturday, the fleet was back on dock folding sails and finding shade. The wind had completely died so calling it quits when we did was the right call. The fleet was definitely dehydrated and looking forward to the party Saturday night where PCYC put on a great BBQ spread with salads and deserts, and plenty of beer taps flowing.

At the close of Saturday’s racing we’ve completed 5 races, so we’ve now the completed the requirements for a series. A change to the SI’s was made Saturday and we’re going to try and start Sunday’s race at 10:00 instead of 11:00. If we can get another 3 races in the fleet will be ecstatic.

Here’s a shot of the fleet at the end of Saturday moored & rafted on PCYC’s
visitor’s dock by the pool.

Our race committee on Heron II

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Day 1 – J24 Canadians

Yesterday’s race was held in quite light air, blistering sun and warm temperatures. We managed to complete one race and then by 2:00  the wind shut off completely. RC hoisted AP over H and the fleet went back to shore for shade, at dip in PCYC’s pool and re-hydration at the bar. By 4:00 a line of wind was spotted coming over the late from the south west, so the fleet headed out and we were able to squeak one more race out of the day. Check out the unofficial results from the first day.

No wind and drooping flags…

The fleet enjoying the shade by the pool…

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Sail Measurement Photos!

Sail measurement in progress!!
J24 sail measurement

Our friendly registrar, Katie.
j24 registrar

Phillip, our sail measurer.
Sail measurer

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Confirmed Boats

Here are the latest confirmed boats:

Adrenalin Rush
Black Pearl
Clear Air
Drivers Wanted
High Strung
Mild 2 Wild
Premature Grey
Puff Daddy
Pura Vida
Quick Nick
The PeaceMaker

If you haven’t yet registered, do so soon!

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See Us in!

Check out our coverage in, which outlines some of the activities and events that will be happening at the upcoming J24 Canadians.

We hope to see you there!

Registration is open.

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We have a number of boats coming from outside the GTA and are interested in finding rooms and accommodations close to the event.

The list below gives a breakdown of Motels and Hotels that are organized by distance away from PCYC. The prices below show a ‘per night’ rate, however, several of them indicated that they could do better if you’re staying for more than a single night.

3 NM From the Yacht Club

•    Green Acres Motel
It’s located on Lakeshore Rd., just east of Lakefront Promenade which is the turn off for the Yacht Club. This is the closest accommodation to the club, approximately 1.4nm from the front gates of the club.

Rates:    $70 per night for singles; $90 per night for doubles/queen

1303 Lakeshore Rd. East
Mississauga, Ont.
L5E 1G5
T:    905 278 6910

•    Ivy Motel
Ivy is 2 blocks further east on Lakeshore Rd. and is 1.6nm away from the club’s front gates.

Rates:    $73.45 per night

1417 Lakeshore Rd. East
Mississauga, Ont.
L5E 1G7
T:    905 278 9326

•    Ports Hotel
Ports Hotel is in the town of Port Credit which is west of the club and across from the Port Credit Marina and Mason’s Chandlery store. It’s approximately 2.5nm away from the club’s front gates.

Rates: $79 per night for single room

30 Port Street East
Mississauga Ont.
L5G 1B9
T:    905 274 7390 x294

•    Waterside Inn
For a bit of posh accommodations you can stay at the Waterside. It’s located just off of Lakeshore Rd. in the town of Port Credit and has all the amenities you can expect at a high end hotel. It’s approximately 2.6nm from the front gates of the club.

Rates: Starting at $189 per night.

15 Stavebank Rd. South
Mississauga, ON.
L5G 2T2
T:    905 891 7770

8NM From the Yacht Club

    Clarkson Village Motel
In the heart of Clarkson Village which is one town to the west of Port Credit on Lakeshore Road. It is 5.3 nm from the front gates of the club with easy access from the QEW (major thoroughfare). For those coming as a group the proprietor can arrange for adjacent rooms.

Rates: $65 per night for a single; $70 per night for doubles & queens. Discount of $5 per night when staying more than 3 nights.

1815 Lakeshore Rd. West
Mississauga, ON
L5J 1J6

T:    905 822 6110

•    Novatel
Located north of Port Credit off of Hwy 10. It’s approximately 6.0nm from the front gates of the club.

Rates:    Starting at $123.17

3670 Hurontario St.
Mississauga, ON
L5B 1P3

T:    905 896 1000

•    Maxine Inn
It’s further west in Clarkson, but still east of Oakville. It’s approximately 7.5nm from the gates of the yacht club.

Rates:    $60 per night or $275 per week.

2477 Lakeshore Rd. West
Mississauga, ON
L5J 1J9

T:    905 822 1616

•    Hampton Inn and Suites
Located on the intersection of Erin Mills and the QEW, so it’s just off the highway and is approximately 7.2nm from the front gates of the club.

Rates: $129 per night (negotiable for longer stays, call Ruby Khan:  )

2085 North Sheridan Way
Mississauga ON
L5K 2T2

T:    905 823 8600

•    Holiday Inn
Immediately west of the Hampton Inn and Suites on North Sheridan Way and is approximately 7.4 nm from the club.

Rates:    $129 per night (Contact Neha Sinha x5940 or Tina. They may be able to give better rates)

2125 North Sheridan Way
Mississauga, ON
L5K 1A3

T:    905 855 2000

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2011 J24 Canadians – Welcome

Official Site for the 2011 J24 Canadians

The Port Credit Yacht Club will be your host for the 2011 Canadian J/24 Championship. Along with fine racing, you will enjoy the fine amenities that PCYC has to offer including a safe harbour, two J24 cranes, swimming pool, welcoming bar and restaurant.

Practice Race: July 7, 2011 (evening)
Racing: July 8-10, 2011
Location: Mississauga, ON

We have a great BBQ planned for the Thursday night practice race put on by our own Rossi Milev (Clear Air) and Ted Bartlewski (Driver’s Wanted); Friday night we have booked a room at the Brogue Inn ( ) to celebrate the first day of racing and present the First Day Winner with the trophy; Saturday night is a party night back at PCYC where there’ll be a BBQ dinner & entertainment into the wee hours; Sunday we’ll wrap things up early afternoon and have the overall winners accept their prizes on the front lawn of PCYC.

Hope to see you all there. If you haven’t registered yet please don’t wait. Click the Register Tab and start making your way to PCYC!

If you have any questions, you can use the comment section in the website or contact me directly at either one of the following email addresses:

Work email:

Home email:

Keith Riley

Chair, Organizing Committee

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